No Earth/No Earth Station (Performance) (1982-83)

No Earth/No Earth Station is a metaphor for a state of suspension, global and individual, during extraordinary and trying times. Survival is the concern. Investigation, growth, healing, relationship and consciousness are the keys.

“We are in a holding pattern – there will be Earth again”

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Exhibition sites and dates:

  • 2nd Intermedia Arts Festival, Corroboree Gallery, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City Iowa, Oct. 23, 1982
  • L.A. Country Museum of Art, Bing Theater, LA, CA July 26, 1983 – click here for program/flyer

Components of piece:

  • Live performance, color video (3 channels pre-record and 3 live cameras interactive with live chroma key), 4 channels of audio, 4 monitors, 3 video projectors, chroma key wall with doors, fish tanks, dry ice, chairs, traction devices, lab coat costumes, sunglasses, Tesla coil, vegetables and scalpel.


  • Video, slides, prints
  • Source of Photos:
    • Tom Vinetz (LA Louver Gallery)
    • LACMA documentation (20th Century Art Collection)